Dienstag, Dezember 30, 2008

Rust in Peace - 1966 Samba

On the parking lot of some super market, somebody approached me and told me about a Samba, that is hidden somewhere close to an old house in the neighbouring community. So my brother and me were searching for it. We took a spy glass / binocular and climbed on hills searching the landmark. After three days, we had found it and actually happend to buy it for a small sum. This is the result:

It was actually far beyond everything: beyond repair, beyond our skills, be3yond our budget and far beyond our willingness to suffer. So we scrapped it. The roof was cut and resides now on Christian Tröndles fake Sambe (sold some months ago). The rest of the parts were sold. I remember some folks from a T1 owners club near Frankfurt. They were interested in parts but did show up with a trailer, as they were expecting a restoration basis. We had a loud argue, as those blokes seriously wanted to get paid for the fuel, that they had used fro the trip and wanted the rest of the parts for free on top :-) They returned home without.