Dienstag, Dezember 30, 2008

A look in the archives - 1993

Today, I had the chance to scan some old pictures from the days before digital cameras were invented (yes, I'm that old :-)

These are the cars of me and my two brothers back in 1993 (or was it 1994?). My Oval, the 1963 sitting on a 1968 plate and the 1303S (still in white at the point):

As a daily driver, my youngest brother purchased this Type 2 after the rather extreme experience with the Samba (watch out for more details in other post):

And here we see the 1963, the 1966 Samba and the 1969 bug, that became the donor car for my oval. Those pictures are taken on Polaroid (do you remeber this fancy invention from back in the eighties?)

And this was finally one of the first water coolers in the family: a 1980 Golf Mark I. To me, that was unbelievable: if you turned the heating system to the red, it became hot in the car :-)