Mittwoch, August 15, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

You have found my blog, thanks a lot. This blog is about my 1956 Oval Window beetle and how the restauration process went over the last couple of years.

Some data on it in short:
Body: 1956 ragtop beetle (mostly stock)
Modifications: Dashboard with Porsche Speedo and Tach, strengthening elements in the door area, wooden Raid steering wheel, battery under front bonnet, seat heating, Webasto air heating, hidden stereo mounting with a total of 1200 Watts, modified front bonnet lift ups, weld-in air inlet under rear license plate, etc.

Engine: 2176 ccm Type 1 engine (~ 160 PS)
Porsche cooling system, 44 IDF carbs with central air cleaner, Oettinger 78,4 mm crank shaft, Mahle 94 mm Pistons, 044 heads (heavily modified), mild compression ratio, 215 mm clutch, Ahnendorp Road Racing exhaust system, Mercedes Oil cooling (in front of the car below the battery modification to the body), Engle Cam shaft, Melling Oil Pump, Gene Berg Oil Sump

Chassis: 1969 chassis
Modifications: 7x16 Porsche 993 rims in front, 8x16 Porsche rims at the back (under stock fenders !), changed from Swing-Axle to IRS setup, drilled and ventilated disc brakes in front with Type 3 calibers, stock drum brakes at the back, 15 mm anti-roll bar in the front, 14 mm Porsche 924S anti-roll bar at the back (including adjustable camber), Porsche 944 spring plates in the back (adjustable ride height), adjustable front beam with Udo Spiegler front beam support, 1303S gearbox with super diff and gearbox support, Porsche 944 torsion bars at the rear, lowered spindels at the font