Montag, April 23, 2007

Bitburg Roll-Out - CU There

19.5. - 20.5.2007, Bitburg, Toyo Tires Street Eliminator 2007 Shootout

The very last moving out of the garage of the Oval was back in 2004 at the DAS Drag Day #2. So I thought, why not have the roll-out after finishing it again in Bitburg in the 2007 season. So here we go:

In the 2004 weekend, the throttle cable broke. So I fixed it at place (rela race mechanics stuff :-). After being back in the garage at home, I had to replace the cabling anyhow. I thought: "it would be much easier with the body lifted off the pan". So that was the igniting factor for starting off with the full restoration.