Donnerstag, August 17, 2006

Finally some progress

Believe it or not, after weeks of no operation, I finally have made some progress. And you know what? This is thanks to terror ! Here's my personal story of terror and the benefits I took out of it: I was scheduled for a trip to the US last week. The trip was supposed to be via London. So I entered the Biritsh Airways Flight Stuttgart -> London and arrived at London on 2006/08/10. Yes the day with the big thing at Heathrow. No way of continuing towards the US, so I decided to return to Germany the next day. And my personal benefits out of that are:

1. I did get to visit down-town London (I've never been there). I only can recommend this city. It is by far the most international feeling city I've ever been to. And I have seen all of them: New York, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco just to name a few.
2. Finally my bedroom is painted terracotta. Maja and me decided to use the rainy sunday for some paint jobs in the bedroom (I said paint jobs !)
3. The fully cleaned up calendar allowed three days of full garage work :-) Results are below

By the way: good job, Scotland Yard ! Thanks a lot.

Cable work is fun ! all black cables :-)