Freitag, März 09, 2001

Step 4: more power, wider Rims

Here's how it looked back in 2001:

It features now a 2165cc Type 1 engine, Kerscher ventilated and drilled brakes, new gearbox mounting and Porsche Cup wheels (16"), 7" on the front, 8" on th rear. Yes it fits under stock fenders, but we did a hell lot of stuff to make it fit (and I won't tell here, what needs to be done). The exhaust is an Ahnendorp Road Racing, carbs are 44 Weber IDF, central air cleaner unit (for noise reduction), etc.

The picture below is actually one of my alltime favourites. Jens and me were working all winter long in parallel. It's his garage, as I didn't have a garage to work on the machinery at that time, so he did get me back into action by lending me space in his holy halls of fame. For those of you who are all-time readers of german VW Speed magazine, Jens is "Käptn Blaubär".

Having learned from the 1776cc step 2 desaster, I asked somebody to build the engine who really knows how to build that stuff: this is Mr. Don Hott of Kramasa ("Kraft Maschinen Spezial Anstalt"). We came up with that KRAMASA name at 4:00am while working for the second full night over week-end on the engine. The engine is just a dream, thanks Don Hott ! And by the way: it is completely street legalized in Germany. And for those of you who already dealt on such things with the german TÜV, you might know what I'm talking about.