Dienstag, Oktober 12, 1993

Step 3: even more power

On old saying goes: "Power can only be replaced by more power!" So we fired up step 2 of the engine build a year later in the search for more power. The same 1776cc, but now ported intake (check them out on the photo). Thanks to Mr. Martin Barth, who did some serious Bihax action on the intakes. Then Pauter Machine stuff, new valves and double springs, a new Camshaft, and a 69mm counterweighted, german Oettinger crankshaft. Lot more power.

But the engine finally prooved some of the sayings, that are around for aircooled engine tune ups. It basically lastet only two Autobahn runs and then was gone. And here's what prooved to be true:

"Only build and engine, if you know what you're doing"
"Making experiences on your own is pretty costly on Type 1 engines"
"A 10 cent piece can ruin thousands of german marks pieces"
"A bissl was bleibt immer übrig, und wenn's nur die Vergaser sann" (Mr. Kurt Hassmann)

Basically, we used the wrong engine case sealing. The sealing material dried out in the oil, closed the oil pump and that was it. The only remaining pieces of that engine were the carbs and the exhaust system. The rest was just gone. 10 cent mistake !!!!

So the engine was replaced by a stock and brand new 1600cc, were we fitted the carbs and the exhaust system. That's how it lastet for another 2 years. During that time, I was in my studies of mechanical engineering and couldn't afford a garage nor a sceond daily driver. So the car was used as a daily driver for four full years (including two winters), which didn't help in overall condition. In 1996, I had to decide to focus on my studies and on my job later on. I decided to stock the car in my parents garage. It lastet there for 4 years until spring 2000. In 2000, my job brought me back to the Stuttgart area, where I rejoined some of my closest friends. One of those guys (thanks Jens) motivated me, to get the thing back on the road and have some fun. So did I and the 1600c made it back on the road.