Donnerstag, März 12, 1992

Step 1: How it looked like back in 1992

That is how the machinery looked like back in 1992 after the resoration. It featured 5,5x15 Lemmerz steel wheels, 195/50 on front, 195/60 on back, a single muffler, Scirocco GTI seats, no rear seats, a 1500cc stock engine with some paint work, etc.

This is actually a family picture from 1992. Me and my two brothers with their beetles. The 1963 and the 1303 S. Can you imagine, three bothers in beetles (BIB=brothers in beetles). We drove our parents nuts, as there was always something towork on and the garages were always filled with beetles and parts. The 1303 S got some paint work and tuning later on. It still is owned by my brother but didn't see the daylight for some years now. Later on he purchased a 1966 T1 Samba, which never got restored, as it was just a piece of crap, so he switched over to a 1977 T2 camper. My other brother changed the 1963 for a 1975 T2 window bus (yellow and white; really nice machinery)