Montag, März 09, 1992

How it all started

After the 1963 was in good condition, I decided not to drive it through the hard winters of the black forest (the area I originate from). So I was out looking for a car, that would serve well for the winter driving. What's better in winter than a beetle so I looked for one. I found a 1969 standard beetle, that an old man did sell. First looks showed good condition so I purchased it and had a bargain in mind. Guess what: the car wasn't stylish enough for me, so new paint job and stuff should have been applied before the winter. I did put it apart and found out, that the body was just a piece of crap. The old man did a real good job of 'modelling' a beetle body just by plastics :-(

So threw away the body and rethought what to do. There was a good pan left from the huge amount of parts and I was all fired up for having an oval window body on a newer pan with high-power engine. Very hot those days (and still hot these days).

My Dad, my brother and me at the re-union.

On this one you can see my Mom. I really can hear her when she asks stuff like "what kind of little thing is this down there? Did you forget to remove that?". Then we go "Muuuum". And she goes "Ok, do you folks need some coffee and some brownies out here? It's freezing cold, you better come in and warm yourself up a little bit."

This is Norman, a close friend, who helped a lot during those days.