Freitag, März 09, 1990

Getting infected by the Virus

It all started back in 1988. I was 16 years old and was desperately in need for a car, because there were only 2 years left, until I will get my drivers license. You see, it was urgent :-)
So I was out searching for an Opel Kadett C Coupe. That was a hot car at that time (nad it still is, at least I think so). But I ended up purchasing a 1963 beetle Export which was sitting on a 1968 pan. It had wide rims, sporty steering wheel and some more bells and whistels, that you need, when being 16. Although in quite qood shape, I decided to have it repainted. Some months of work and a good paint job in the garage, my brother used to work in and I was ready for driving on my own and see what the chicks will be about my new toy.
Anyhow, the beetle virus was there and I was infected. So the story continued by putting a Sauer&Sohn exhaust (completely opened up the outer exhaust outlets ==> very loud :-) and other fancy stuff.

Some time later (when I started working on the Oval), my brother used to drive it for some time and then sold the car. The guy who bought it decided some months later, that such an old car doesn't fit his needs and sold it to a wreck yard (can you imagine: perfect condition on a wreck yard). Luckily enough, the wreck yard guy realized what he has in hands and sold it for a ways higher price he purchased it. That's when I lost track of the car. I'm in hope, that the car is still around somewhere in G.ermany. Actually if somebody knows about, where the car is now, please notice me, as I'm interested to buy the car back. It once used to have the german licence plate of "WT-ZV 13".